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VkareIT is one of the leading expertise in Power MTA installation,Configuration and integration in India

With the real focus on the delivery of the best services to the clients, VkareIT promises the cheapest and best expertise in Power MTA installation, Configuration and integration. There are several highlights of the expertise in Power MTA installation, Configuration and integration through us and among them the most prominent are as follows:

  • Complete mailing solution with Power MTA and interspire.
  • All interspire addons setup with Power MTA
  • IP warmup services
  • We constantly monitor the configuration.
  • We monitor all the IPs to prevent them from blacklisting.
  • We maintain daily performance reports for the best services and best monitoring.
  • We help in the best way to properly manage mass email system and take care of the servers and all connected issues on 24 hours a day.

Multiple MTA + IP Monitor

  • Multiple SMTP Accounts
  • Multiple SMTP Groups
  • SMTP Groups rotation
    [Cycle, Random]
  • Assign SMTP Groups to Users
  • Multiple SMTP Selection
    from Different Groups
  • MTA Usage Statistics
  • IP Monitoring for Reputation
  • IP Monitoring for Blacklists
  • IP Monitoring for Whitelist


  • Rotate Body Content
  • Rotate Subject
  • Rotate Mail From
  • Rotate Reply-To
  • Rotate Mail Bounce
  • Rotate Signature
  • Campaign URL Rotator

FeedBack Loop Processor

  • Handle Spam Complaints from major ISP’s
  • Handle Spam Complaints in ARF
  • Multiple Abuse Mailbox
  • Export Complaints from Email Campaigns
  • Export Complaints from Contact


  • Increase sending ratio
  • CLI Console to manage the threads

Benefits of using PowerMTA installation services

Multiple virtual MTA (Mass Transfer Agent)

Multiple SMTP

From ID & Signature Rotation


Feedback Loop

Subject Line Rotation

DKIM Setting

SPF Settings

Ip Rotation

RDNS creation

We have expertise in Power MTA support . We always take care of the clients issues in the best way and always try to deliver the most satisfying services to the clients related to the power MTA and Interspire